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We live in a sound byte world. We arre interested in Keywords. Something that we can add to our list and say that we do. The thing is it takes many years to become a "Master" at anything. Chuck Norris at the age of 78 became a master of a different type of martial arts. Because he is interested in learning.

A master balloon twister knows how to respond to his public. A master balloon twister is professional in appearance and actions. A master balloon twister is capable of making more than 10-20 different creations out of the long skinny balloons. Balloons that have changed names many times in the last 38 years Magic Fingers has been in business. A master balloon twister is not someone who just picked up a book or video just last week and practiced really hard. A master balloon twister is someone who has been working with the public for many years with the balloons and in many different situations. .

A master balloon twister is capable of working fast and accurate. Handling large crowds. And he gives quality work. He knows whether or not that joke he wants to do is appropriate for the crowd by sight recognition of the crowd he has. He is able to cause excitement with what he does. He is not a stump on a log just stamping out balloons. He is alive.

A master does not have to stop and think about what he is doing. It is second nature. Magic Fingers has been making balloons for 38 years. Many different birthday parties, company picnics, trade shows and fairs. Festivals, church events. Red Hat groups, father son banquets. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and many many more.

Why not have a "Master Balloon Twister" at your event today. Call Magic Fingers and see what a little MAGIC can do for your event!



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